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If you need support or you have questions or suggestions related with Canica Game you can contact via:

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Who we are

Canica Game is developed by Hekatombe Studio:
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Oriol Manyà is the founder and visible head of Hekatombe Studio. He has a Multimedia Degree, and a Master in Videogames. With a long experience as a web & videogames developer, mainly as a programmer but also in the design, gameplay, layout, illustration... He is also Videogames Teacher at Emaid Art School.

Raimon Benach is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, musician... an artist. He is the responsible of the Hekatombe Studio logos and work as designer in our projects.

Roger Pérez & Joshua Llombart are students at Emaid that worked as Level Designers & Testers with Canica Game. Also they collaborate developing some 2D & 3D graphics.